LiteOn FS020 Review
Posted on: 07/20/2000 01:17 AM

I've been busy lately, and while this has been in the works for some time, it's well worth the wait.

I've put up a review of the fabulous LiteOn FS020. It'll fit just about every board made and has the cooling power for nearly any system:
First off, this isn't a full tower. It’s barely over 21" so it’s more of a mid-full-tower than anything but it’s as wide or wider than most full towers at 9.25". This includes the InWin and Addtronics’ massive 7896a. That depth comes in handy with large and wide boards where your memory and drive connectors can interfere with the drives themselves. With a case this wide and the drives shifted to the left, there’s plenty of room to move and route cables in that space. It also makes room for one of the most impressive features of the case, 3 120mm fan points.
Have a look!!!

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