Looking to move South. Help!
Posted on: 02/05/2003 06:00 AM

After almost three years spent living and working in Northern Ontario and over half of that time continually travelling South of the border to visit my girlfriend Alicia, it's time for a change of scenery. I've been casually searching for work in either South-Eastern Ontario or the US for the better part of 6 months but lately I've decided to kick my search into high gear. I see engagement and marriage on the horizon and neither of which lends itself well to separation by distance. It's time to go.

As a lot of you probably know, I've been working with the provincial government up here in one of the largest and most complex environments imaginable. From a technical perspective, I'm quite familiar and comfortable with several major network operating systems and the hardware requirements to run them effectively for the intended application. I won't break out into a laundry list of skills as my resume will be made available upon request.

Where am I interested in moving to? As stated above, anything South-East of Toronto would work in the short-term. American cities like Buffalo NY, Erie PA, Pittsburgh PA, Akron OH, Columbus OH, and Cleveland OH would work in a pinch as well. Essentially any center that would bring me closer to Alicia.

If you think your organization could use a talented geek who could assist with the management of your IT infrastructure and dealings with third party vendors, please feel free to contact me. If you're located in the United States, I'm currently working out the details with respect to Work VISAs. I've been told that my level of security clearance with the government should make such applications easier.

I'd appreciate any input or assistance you folks could provide. Thanks a lot.

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