Mac OS X Beta
Posted on: 10/04/2000 07:24 AM

The boys over at Ars Technica have got a nice article up on Mac OS X Beta. It to say the least looks interesting the page on file systems looks a litte *nix-ish. Anyway if this kind of stuff floats your boat go take a trip on over there and read all about it here.
I want to like Mac OS X. I want to use it as my primary operating system when it is released. I'm tired of applications bringing down the entire system in Mac OS 9. But technical merit is just one part of what makes an operating system, and it has historically been a very small part of what defines the Macintosh experience. The Macintosh is defined by its interface, and any redefinition of that must be at least as good as what it's replacing. Mac OS X Public Beta does not reach that goal.

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