Making Win2K more secure
Posted on: 07/06/2000 02:06 PM

Arstechnica has a nice article on securing Win2K in a time when persistent internet connections are becoming more popular. It covers all of the most vulnerable areas and gives advice on what to do in the future to keep would-be infiltrators at bay:
In the world of persistent Internet connections, the security of your computers at home and in the office has become drastically more important. Even if you have no files that represent a risk to you (i.e. personal or financial data), I am sure that you don't want your finely tuned instrument of rocket launching death being mucked up so someone can use it as a staging ground for DDoS attacks, or a web server for their warez site. I'm going to outline some basic, "must-do" measures that you can use to make your Windows 2000 Workstation less appetizing to the random Internet bandit.
Now for the rest of the article.

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