Mandrake 7 is "Gold" (Pre-Order now)
Posted on: 01/13/2000 03:31 PM

Mandrake has been one of the top Linux distributions for a while now, so I thought you guys (and gals) would like to hear about this. I'll skip right to the PR...
Mandrake is starting to ship the new PowerPack 7.0 product next week and LinuxComponents.COM is now ready to take orders. The new product can be preordered at a low price of $44.99 with FREE shipping.

This new product, code named Oxygen, has many new features, such as DiskDrake partitioner, graphical installer Drakx, supermount, and more.

To preorder this product or simply find out more about it, visit LinuxComponents.COM web site. It will ship to you next week, when it becomes available.

LinuxComponents.COM is a #1 resource for Linux related software and hardware products. It can be reached at or by email at">

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