Man, This Sucks
Posted on: 06/04/2000 10:01 PM

You know how sometimes everything falls into place, and other times everything falls apart? Well, this weekend its all falling apart.

First, my server's internal network card dies. I've got some other NIC's to put into it, but they're all high end bus mastering types which my motherboard doesn't support. (sigh) I'd been waiting for this, because the NIC had been making clicking sounds for some time. So, I was ready to build a new server.

Of course, the new motherboard doesn't want to work. Everything looks cool. I check, recheck, recheck, and recheck the connections, mountings, etc. No workie. I take the board in and out of the case. Nothing. Swap video cards, RAM, procs, proc slots. Nada. Beat the case with a power cord. Nothing. Jiggle, jiggle, and jiggle the board. Nothing. Jiggle it again. It works. Sort of: Put in peripherals like SCSI card. Nope, won't work. Repeat the jiggle process, and it works.

OK, fine. Time to install NT. Bluescreen on install, every time with a PFN_LIST_CORRUPT. Of course, with the Internet down, I can't quite look that up. Spend an hour trying to get the Internet to work on my other network card, when it stopped for some reason. After many reboots, settings, etc, it finally works.

Get on the net, check out the error. Completely useless bunch of I/O corruption crap. No help on solving it. Due to a long story, I can't go into MS to look up stuff on the internal servers.

Maybe the board needs a BIOS flash. Fine, download a newer BIOS and try to flash it. Of course, the floppy drive is now eating floppies and I can't ever flash it. That's where I am now.

Anyone want to give me a nice Compaq Proliant server with lots of RAM and disk space? I'll give you all my old clone crap, my new clone crap, and my everlasting gratitude. It's times like this that I hate computers and wish I could just pick up the phone and have an IT department come fix it for me. It sucks being the IT department. (sigh)

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