Matrox Millennium G400
Posted on: 02/29/2000 09:09 AM

Would all of you readers who have a G400 or G400 Max contact me to let me know any problems you're having with the card, ESPECIALLY in Windows 2000? I've recently come into a G400 Max, and I too am having problems in Quake III and Unreal Tournament. I'd like to see what common problems there are, and if we can't work out a solution as a group, I'm planning on contacting a rep at Matrox to get these issues (ESPECIALLY Windows 2000 issues) taken care of. I ask that if any of you are overclocking your system, please clock it down to normal and see if that eliminates the problem. No vendor is really going to care if somebody running their SMP box 150 MHz above spec is having problems.  ;)

I'd like to see from you:
System Configuration
Driver Versions
Programs and versions
Detail of problems

Quake III is completely unplayable for me, with a strange alphabet showing up instead of graphics. Unreal Tournament crashes when I access the menu while playing the game, but only in OpenGL. I'm running the drivers released on the 24th of this month.

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