Maxtor Atlas 10K V @ Storage Review
Posted on: 11/03/2004 03:41 PM

Storage Review has posted a review of Maxtor's Atlas 10K V which boasts a maximum capacity of 300GB.
Maxtor's flagship remains a four-platter design and yields a maximum capacity of 300 GB in a low-profile chassis. The Atlas continues a trend of differentiating seek times between family members with varying platter counts. While the single-platter 8D073x0 model scores a 4.0 ms claim, the 300 GB flagship comes stamped with a slightly more sedate 4.4 ms seek time. Although ATA drives (including Maxtor's own MaXLine III) have started the scramble to a roomier 16 MB buffer, the 10K V remains at an industry-standard eight megabytes.
You can read their review here.

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