Microsoft Hacked?!? Hehehe...
Posted on: 10/27/2000 04:19 PM

Ah yes... The mighty Microsoft has been violated! Not really a *new* thing, but it is entertaining nonetheless. Here's the scoop (Spotted on Stomped):
THE BREAK-IN was discovered Wednesday by Microsoft’s security employees after they detected passwords being remotely sent to an e-mail account in St. Petersburg, Russia. Microsoft, of Redmond, Wash., interpreted electronic logs as showing that those internal passwords were used to transfer source code-software blueprints-outside the Microsoft campus.

A Microsoft spokesman confirmed that, “we recently became aware of a hack to our corporate network. Microsoft is moving aggressively to isolate the problem and ensure the security of our internal network.” He added: “We are confident that the integrity of Microsoft source code remains secure.” He declined to comment further.
It appears as though some of Microsoft's top secret source was compromised in the break-ins. I guess that'll teach them to leave a server with that sensitive info plugged into the net (What were we saying yesterday about IIS and Apache? :-). Read the whole deal over at MSNBC.