Microsoft Mandates Office 2000 Registration
Posted on: 02/11/2000 09:05 PM

Ripped from PCWorld -
"In what Microsoft calls a volley against "illegal installations," you must register your copy of its upcoming Office 2000 Service Release using a new Registration Wizard--or the software will expire.

Office 2000, Service Release 1 will run, prompting you to register, 50 times. If you don't heed the nudge after 50 uses, the software shuts off. The restriction applies to retail (not multilicense) versions."
Hmmmm sounds interesting, that's for sure. What does it mean to the consumer? Well... If you run a Microsoft OS, Corel is a good alternative. StarOffice is looking better every day for the Linux crowd and if BeOS is your thing, Gobe Productive 2.0.

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