Modem users rejoice! Cable users... Cry!
Posted on: 01/11/2000 04:28 AM

I noticed a new article over at Winmag's site that may be of interest to all of you modem users. The article is about a new(?) program called SpeedTec. According to the review, this thing kicks some major booty! You can read the review here or download (for $15) the program here.
Yow! Seldom have I had such immediate gratification from a product as I did from Montana Software's SpeedTec. The purpose of SpeedTec is to change Windows 95 and 98 parameters to speed up Internet access by modem. It succeeded far beyond my expectations.
Speaking of modems... It looks like AOL is buying out Time Warner :-( I just have a funny feeling that this will affect us "RoadRunners" in a bad way. Just the thought of AOL's portal site makes me shudder (it would still be fast though :-). Read all the bad news here.

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