More dual Celeron II negativity
Posted on: 04/16/2000 01:08 PM

This time, it's the HardOCP. I'll cut right to the chase and post the bad news.
The 566 Celerons that AZZO supplied us are PRODUCTION CPUs that are coming "off the shelf". We ran both CPUs independently with good results on the ABIT BP6 with the QQ BIOS installed. This was with using the Powerleap adapter. We could not get the BP6 to boot and recognize both processors in the BIOS. Hopefully we have done something wrong and are incorrect with our observation, but I doubt it. I don't think Dually Celeron-IIs are going to be a reality without a SERIOUS workaround. Still I would like to see another site confirm this to be sure. Sorry for the bad news...

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