More Game Dev System Specs
Posted on: 07/20/2000 02:02 AM

We posted about this the other day, but GameSpy posted the system specs of Scott Draeker, the president of Loki Software (the Linux game developement firm, duh!) today. Of course, Scott doesn't let us down either, he's packin' a duallie ;-)
GameSpy: Explain why you use this particular system and how it helps in your work. Also explain what upgrades you would make based on new technology (or the advances you want to make in your product).

Scott Draeker: The dual processor support is really important. Linux handles SMP well, and this configuration greatly increases compile speed. We haven't done real benchmarks, but the same code on the same hardware is compiling under Linux in a fraction of the time it takes under Windows. Plus under Linux we can do a -j10 compile, play a game and burn a CD in the background on these systems. RAM is important so that you don't hit swap. That just slows things down.

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