More on the Dual Coppermine Hack
Posted on: 03/04/2000 06:57 PM

Well I decided to go over and do some reading on that BBS (mentioned in the post below). Here's a clip!
From what I read,

For the MS6905 Master no pull up is needed. Just connect N33 with pin 3 on JP3 (Dual operation selector on MS6905M).

I got 2 MS6905 Master today. The 500Ex2 will have to wait until the price cut next week. :-(

Couldn't wait. Got two 500E and tested today. It sure Works!!

But since Something in the pci slot hates 133MHz it's currently running at 112x5 = 560MHz. ... No gain in MHz compaired to the previous system config of Celeron333@560MHz. :-(

MB KP6-BS,CPU FCPGA PIII 500,VGA Matrox Mystique 220,Sound S3 sonic vibes,OS OpenLinux 2.3
Now can anyone verify that this would work?

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