Mousepad Roundup!
Posted on: 06/24/2000 04:49 PM

An oft forgotten piece of the computer puzzle, is in fact the mousepad. I used cheapies until I bought my first 3M precision mousing surface some time ago. Then, unimpressed with their short life-span, I invested in a Ratpad, and there is no going back. What other mousepads might be deserving of your hard-earned green? Well the Sharkster is on it baby.
So which do you pick? Well rather than there being one mouse mat that's superior to all others it actually depends on your preference. If you want the mat with the best traction, the flat and precise 3M pad is your best bet as long as you can deal with the small size. For a more durable but almost as smooth mouse mat you can't go wrong with the Everglide, especially if you want to be able to quickly wipe away those pesky coffee stains left over from the last all-nighter LAN party. Finally, there is the Ratpad which we feel beats out the Giganta for the best Big Mouse Mat Crown mainly because of the very comfortable curve at the bottom.
The 3M Precision Mousing Surface wins out here... Sure it's a nice pad, but would it survive a nuclear blast? I have a feeling my Ratpad would :-) Check it out here.

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