Moving day...
Posted on: 06/30/2000 02:10 PM

Tomorrow I'm going to be taking off with all my earthly possessions to another province (yay!). Unfortunately, the change of ISP's is always a pain. My new apartment isn't within range of the far superior DSL in the area *snif*, so I have to deal with sub-standard cable, which won't be connected until the 14th of July. I'll probably continue my work updating the news on the 4th of July via... a modem. It's been a LONG while for me, but it'll have to do. During my time offline, I will finish up my TurboLinux Server 6.0 review, and the Aopen HQ-08 review. I'll get them to Hooz for all you fr34ks as soon as possible. Keep hope alive, and remember... two is always better than one! :-)

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