MS-6321 Dual S370 update
Posted on: 04/03/2000 04:37 PM

Ok, so we were all shocked and happy to read about MSI's new board. We saw some sweet pics, heard some rumors about the features it will provide, but we wanna know more. Here's the translation...
April 1, 2000
The Dual FC-PGA/ATA100/IEEE-1394 super featured motherboard is here!

Microstar plans to launch their gorgeously featured new motherboard. In the Microstar display showcase at Tsukumo #10, a computer retail shop in Akihabara Tokyo, a sample motherboard named MS-6321 is being displayed now.

The MS-6321 is the forthcoming motherboard surprisingly stuffed full of new functions. This product is based on the Apollo Pro 133A chipset with dual socket 370, FC-PGA type Pentium III chips can work SMP mode if the chipset core is the newest version. If they really release this product, it will be the world premier FC-PGA dual Pentium III motherboard. Two Socket 370 locations are somewhat unique. Its not parallel but bended in at right angles and moved to a 45 degree ofset.

The above feature alone is worth enough to talk about this product. But furthermore, the on-board controllers are enriched too. It already implements the newest Ultra ATA/100 controller from Promise, plus the IEEE-1394 controller from T1 is on the board as well! You can build a heavy-duty righ if these functions work well. The retailer and Microstar aren't guarenteeing the RAID function yet. The board has 5 PCI slots, no ISA, one AGP slot and 4 DIMM sockets. This layout might still be revised on the final version.

The combination of Dual CPU sockets and Apollo Pro 133A chipset is very unique, also this motherboard has other great functions added as well, such as FC-PGA PIII support, Ultra ATA/100 and IEEE-1394. Thats an all-in-one very powerful board! Price and release dates have not been determined yet, but we must stay tuned for this new trend in motherboards...
Well, I really want one now! We found this translation in the forums at With that feature-set, its not surprising BP6 users could be concerned with the MS-6321. Check out the rest of that thread here.

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