MS Breakup... Good or Bad?
Posted on: 05/03/2000 04:20 PM

The guys over @ Wired posted an interesting article on how people in the computer industry are feeling about the potential of a Microsoft breakup. As we all have heard its been proposed that MS be split into two companies, one specializing in operating systems, the other in applications. As usual, opinions vary.
"It's a big step in the right direction," said James Love, director of Ralph Nader's Consumer Project on Technology.

"It makes me feel happy to be a taxpayer," he added. "My taxes are being well-spent."
He argued that this breakup could lead to MS applications such as Office, being ported to alternative operating systems such as BeOS. However, there are always two sides to any argument.
"I think it's ominous that in the same week the Department of Justice kidnaps a 6-year old to send him back to live under a dictatorship, it's trying to break up a company that has been a fountainhead for the new economy," Nicholas Provenzo said... "There is little more to be said except it's the slippery slope into socialism."
Whoa, some strong views. I'd be really interested in any thoughts you all had in our talkback forum. In the mean-time, go check out the article here.

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