MSI 694D Review!
Posted on: 09/13/2000 02:02 PM

The guys over at VIAHardware decided to take a shot at some SMP loving with the MSI 694D. Maybe those VIA nuts can get a little something extra out of the Apollo Pro 133A chipset.
At Default, non-Overclocked settings, this board has been extremely stable. All crashes and other weirdness I've seen under both Linux and Windows 2000 have been tracked back to me pushing my memory too hard, pushing the CPUs too hard, or not feeding the CPUs enough voltage. For instance, when I pushed my FSB up to 143 (for a 1001 MHz cycle speed), I wouldn't get any video. Ended up my Matrox G400 simply couldn't handle the associated 72MHz AGP bus speed.
I always thought Matrox cards could handle the higher AGP bus speeds... interesting. Anyways, check it out over here.

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