MSI Dual Foster/Prestonia Boards @ Akiba...
Posted on: 10/28/2001 02:55 AM

Mark was kind enough to throw this linkage at me. What you have there are two dual MSI boards for Intel Foster/Prestonia processors. The chipset in question? Well that looks like Serverworks' Grand Champion LE and WS respectively.

The MS-9103 (top), clearly aimed at servers, has eight DDR slots, not to mention dual channel U160 SCSI and onboard LAN. The MS-9102 appears to be aimed more at the workstation crowd with only 4 DDR slots, and an AGP Pro slot.

You can make with the drooling now.

UPDATE: To aid in the drooling process, Mark rummaged up some additional pictures over here. Those 8 dimm slots make me want to cry. So... pretty... must... fondle...

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