MSI K7D Master Review
Posted on: 01/01/2002 03:09 AM

Jasper from VIA Hardware let me know that they have posted their review of MSI's new K7D Master dual AMD board. Looks like a nice one to say the least. Here's the skinny:
Along with the new CPU's, AMD released the 762 Northbridge, also called the MPX Chipset. Paired with an AMD 768 Southbridge, the MPX chipset supports dual Athlon MP 1900+ and higher CPU's. AMD will also be making another push into the server market with their Hammer CPU's which are their 64-bit products aimed at taking on Intel's Itanium CPU's. So with the new chipset, will we be seeing the same problem with limited motherboards available as last time? It doesn't look that way. Today we are taking a look at a pre-production MSI K7D Master motherboard. As well as MSI getting on the AMD SMP boat, other companies such as Asus and Tyan should have boards out as well. Let's take a look at the MSI K7D Master.
And, the link.

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