Posted on: 07/20/2000 01:47 AM

I got an email this afternoon from our good friends at MSI. It seems that they have solved the "no boot disk to flash a BIOS with in WinME" problem. Their solution? Live BIOS. Here's the skinny from the PR:
MSI " Live BIOSTM " is the tool to online detect and auto-update your motherboard BIOS. In order to perform the online " Live BIOSTM " update function, end-users need to install the MSI installation tool. MSI " Live BIOSTM " is compatible with operating systems like WindowsR 95, 98, 2000, and NT 4.0. The current version of MSI " Live BIOSTM " supports Microsoft(R) IE 4.0 and later version only. In the BIOS flashing procedure, the instability of the PSU (Power Supply Unit), power failure or other operating errors might result in the process failure which makes the system fail to re-boot, which are not guaranteed by MSI's product warranty.

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