My next video card!
Posted on: 11/09/2000 10:41 PM

I have been torn lately in my choice of video cards. I *really* want some multi-monitor lovin', but unfortunately the options have been limited. On one hand we have the GeForce2 MX cards with Twin-View (and I do have one of these BTW), on the other the Matrox G4x0. The Nvidia card suffers from a lack of 2D image quality while the G4x0 is almost worthless as a gaming card. [Send all flames here - Ed] Well, how about the best(?) of both worlds?

It seems that ATi is jumping into the "multi-mon on a single card" arena with the release of their Radeon VE. Here is the full scoop, and here comes the obligatory clippage:
The RADEON VE chip features a highly integrated display architecture including two integrated DACs and CRT controllers, integrated support for DVI (Digital Flat Panel) resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 and integrated TV-Out. Based on the RADEON VE chip, the RADEON VE graphics card offers more features and value than any other graphics card in this price range.

The retail RADEON VE graphics card also integrates industry leading HydraVision(TM) technology for multi-monitor support to maximize productivity and functionality. Created by Appian Graphics, HydraVision is the world's leading multi-monitor desktop management software and is being heavily utilized in the workstation and financial markets. HydraVision will further increase the value of RADEON VE graphics cards.
Mmmmm... All for an MSRP of *only* $129 USD!

UPDATE: I just noticed that ATi has their official product page up. Check it out right here.

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