NEC 22" Monitor Review
Posted on: 05/30/2000 11:29 PM

Thinking about replacing that "tiny" little 17 or 19" Monitor? Go crazy and buy a 22"!!! The boys over at GamePC reviewed the NEC FE1250 22" Monitor. I'd need a new freaking desk for that bad boy...
Using this monitor over a few weeks time can be described with just three words, I want one. While running at that resolution we tried two different video cards to see if image quality was effected in terms of refresh rates and to our surprise it was. With one card maxing out at 60hz and the other 70hz, the difference between the two were noticeable. It just comes to show you that using a monitor such as this one has no point if your video card is incapable of delivering optimal refresh rates-rates at resolutions greater then 1600x1200.
Dang that's a huge screen, apparently it doesn't consume as much desk space as other 21-22" Monitors that these guys have played with. It weighs in at a hefty 71 pounds! Anyhoo, Check out the review.

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