New Celerons (aka: Warm up those BP6's)
Posted on: 03/23/2000 04:53 AM

I was just doing my nightly "before bed surfing" when I ran accross this post over at the HardOCP. It seems that the new Celerons have indeed arrived, and with a few extra features at that! Here's the skinny...
Next week, Intel will unveil two new Celeron processors for inexpensive computers running at 566-MHz and 600-MHz, according to sources. The company will then follow up in late April with two more Celerons running at 633-MHz and 667-MHz. A 700-MHz Celeron, which in February was slated for the second half of the year, may also come out toward the end of the second quarter.

The new Celerons in many ways will resemble the high-end Pentium III processor. For the first time, the chips will include "SSE" multimedia extensions from the Pentium III, which means that computers with Celeron chips installed will be able to take advantage of tweaks in applications and games that so far have only worked on Pentium III machines. Additionally, the Celeron chips will be based on the same basic piece of silicon as are Pentium III chips.

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