New G400 beta drivers!
Posted on: 07/28/2000 11:29 PM

I noticed this over at FiringSquad. Matrox has released some new beta drivers for all Millennium G400/G400Max (not marvel though) owners running all Windows platforms.
Regarding Win2k, the previous BETA (5.10.012) provides slightly increased performance than the new one which is why it has been left on our site. A note has been added to our new BETA saying: "Includes Flat Panel Optimizations".

Therefore, in Win2k if a person is looking for flat panel support they should use the new BETA (5.11.017). If optimum performance is required they should use the old BETA (5.10.012). And if they don't want BETA at all they should use 5.03.025.
*Yawn* this got more boring as I continued typing it out. Nonetheless, if you've got a Flat Panel, you should be elated!

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