New Generation Xeons Appear
Posted on: 04/17/2007 06:31 PM

The Inquirer has posted some Penryn/Stoakley information gleaned from the Spring '07 IDF. Among the juicy bits, Stoakley is sporting dual FSB1600 and dual PCIe x16 slots, via the Seaberg chipset.
And, that includes the first working dual-socket, dual-FSB workstations based on the new Stoakley platform, using the FSB1600 Seaberg chipset, a follow-on to the Greencreek. Oh yes, at least two of them ran Penryn-based successors to the current Clovertown quad-core CPU.

The systems (two Intel white / black boxen and two HP xw8600 workstations) ran various apps including 3-D CAD on dual-screen HP setups. I checked one of the machines, and the Properties in My Computer tab gave me this (see photo): 3.2 GHz Pentium III Xeon. Interesting, how it identifies the true roots of Core 2 design, some would say...

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