New Intel Compilers Supporting HT/MP
Posted on: 12/04/2002 03:36 PM

I orginally saw this yesterday over at the Inquirer. It appears that Intel is really trying to get some support behind their Hyper-Threading architecture by releasing C++ and Fortran compilers that will optimize/multi-thread your code for you.

If this is really what it seems, it could mean big things for all of us old school DP people. Anything optimized and threaded for HT would also take advantage of our second real processor in non-HT machines.

Jim and I were talking last night, and we'd really like to get our hands on the C++ (for Linux) version and see what sort of difference it makes when compiling applications for a server environment. If you've got a hook-up for the real deal, drop us a line.

[Edit: The free Linux compiler can be found right here. Registration is required.]

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