New Intel Server Stuff
Posted on: 12/18/2002 04:51 AM

Intel has announced their new OEM "building blocks" for the server space. Hot on the heels of the retail rush of E7501 and E7505 based motherboards, the Intel OEM boards make their debut. Here's the skinny from EE Times:
The centerpiece of today's announcement is five server board products for dual processor (DP) Intel Xeon-based server platforms. The Intel(R) Server Board SE7501WV2, Intel(R) Server Board SE7501HG2, Intel(R) Server Board SE7501BR2 and Intel(R) Server Board SE7501CW2 provide a complete line of DP server boards for Intel Xeon with 533 MHz front-side bus and the Intel 7501 chipset. The Intel(R) Server Board SE7505VB2, also for DP Xeon with 533 MHz, is designed for the 7505 chipset for both server and workstation applications.
In addition to the motherboards there is a full range of chassis and SCSI RAID controllers. Something for everyone I guess.

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