New multi-display graphics card
Posted on: 07/27/2000 03:15 PM

Ebnews also has some information regarding the accelerated multi-display graphics market.

The Appian AGX features a dual-output design that supports resolutions of 1,600-x-1,200 at 85 Hz, two 24-bit digital outputs, PCI or AGP support, high performance 2-D and 3-D acceleration, and multi-function device support under Microsoft Windows 2000.

Appian's chip is based on the latest-generation Permedia core from 3Dlabs Inc., with proprietary features for dual-display support and creating performance enhancements. The Appian AGX has all the latest Permedia core features, including DVD playback (motion compensation, color space conversion, and scaling), single-pass multi-texturing, full scene anti-aliasing, bump mapping, bilinear, trilinear, and anisotropic filtering, and synchronization for multiple screens to prevent display interference.
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