New VIA Architecture...
Posted on: 08/07/2000 11:58 PM

I noticed this in our own Forums. VIA has unveiled a High-Bandwidth Differential Interconnect Technology (HDIT) architecture for next gen VIA Apollo chipsets.
VIA's HDIT Architecture features a high-performance HDIT North Bridge chip with a high-speed DDR266 memory controller interface, AGP 4X, and support for up to four processors. For high-end workstation and server applications, System OEMs can configure the memory interface in HDIT mode and utilize it in conjunction with HDIT Memory Buffers to boost memory bandwidth to rates of up to 4.2GB per second with a 128-bit data path.
This is still some time away. It's targeted for sampling in the first half of 2001. Read it for yourself right here.

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