Nexcom PGA P3 BX board
Posted on: 08/03/2000 03:26 PM

Marco sent me this link to a heretofore unknown dual PGA board from Nexcom. While i'm not familiar with the brand there are a number of high-end server board companies that don't get much press.

This page has the information on it. It doesn't say anything about 133MHz FSB support but it has a whole list of features:
1. Dual Pentium III FC-PGA support, 66/ 100 MHz FSB, up to 1 GHz CPU clock.

2. Memory up to 1 GB SDRAM, all ECC support, 4 DIMMs on board.

3. On board VGA with 2 MB on die, CRT and Panel support. C&T 69000 single chip VGA.

4. On board Dual 10/ 100 baseTX Ethernet ports, Intel 82559 Ethernet controller x 2.

5. On board Dual-channel Ultra/160m SCSI, Adaptec 7899 SCSI controller.

6. On board PCI bridgex1, Intel 21150 PCI bridge controller.

7. Expansion slots: PCIx5, ISAx1, 2X AGP slotx1.

8. 2S1P, FDCx1, IDEx2 with power header for DOM, Watch Dog Timer, I2C, GPIO, RTC….,etc.
While this isn't going to be a cheap solution, it might be a worthwhile alternative to the ServerWorks board from ASUS and the more expensive i840 boards out there.

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