No comment!
Posted on: 02/07/2001 01:35 AM

Due to the news script problems we have been experiencing, we will be disabling the comments sections of the news posts. I apologize to all of you rabid "first posters", but we believe this to be the cause of our problems. Until we can get it worked out, please do NOT submit any comments on any old news items either. If you think you absolutely MUST post a comment, please... Only hit the submit button O N E time! The repeated submissions (some people with 6-10 duplicate posts each) are causing our perl processes to go haywire.

If you're really feeling posty, I bet you can find something to your liking right over here.

On another note... I'd like to commend our new hosts on the wonderful job they did under yesterday's load. It was a record day for us as I'm sure you can imagine, and they took it all right in stride. [And no, the script problems have nothing to do with being "slashdotted" yesterday (the problems started on Friday) - Ed]

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