No news...
Posted on: 07/21/2000 03:58 AM

I have looked and looked today guys (and gals), but alas... There is no news. Unless, of course, you are interested in the whole Nvidia bashing wave that is sweeping the net as of late. Personally, we have not experienced any pressures from Nvidia (or any other hardware manufacturer for that matter), but we deal with a different segment of their markets. It's an interesting situation though, especially if you're in "the biz".

On a happier note, I was bored tonight and decided to get in some much needed Q3A FFA time. Just for kicks, I started at the bottom of my server list (in Gamespy) and ended-up on a server in South Africa with a ping time of 665! It was interesting to say the least :-) The sad part of it was, I didn't finish last! Even with an "unplayable" ping time (ph33r my 665 ping!). Seriously, if you South African FFAers are reading this... Thanks for the laugh!

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