nVidia 6 month cycle: Good or Bad?
Posted on: 07/09/2000 11:25 PM

We've all felt the affects of nVidia's 6 month development cycle. Everytime you turn your head, there's either a new announcement, or another review of yet another nVidia product that we all drool over. Is this cycle a positive thing? Eric Lizotte, Hardware Editor over at GA-Hardware decided to give us his thoughts.
One of the nicest pieces of this is that NVIDIA will seriously be able to capitalize on other developments. By this I mean that when there is a change in RAM pricing, speed or type, they will be able to rapidly integrate it into their cards. Also when there is any other "environmental" changes (such as different motherboard slots or API's) they will be able to support it in a very short span of time.
Read it here.

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