nVidia + Indrema = Linux console goodness
Posted on: 05/12/2000 03:19 PM

A while back (March 18th) I posted the specs for the Linux-based console named the Indrema L600E. Call it the rival to the X-box if you will. At the time it proposed to bring a 600 MHz processor, 64 MB of RAM, and loads of other goodies to the table. We were unsure of what it would have for video acceleration. It appears this question has been answered. The Register is reporting that Indrema will be using an nVidia graphics accelerator in its console.
Curiously, Indrema doesn't say which Nvidia processor it's going to use - but it will be a "future generation" one, at any rate. To be fair, the company isn't expecting to ship for some time - pre-production models aren't due to appear until "late summer 2000". By the time the L600 ships, Nvidia should be offering - based on its own six-month roll-out schedule - the Geforce 3. The L600's graphic engine will be built onto a daughtercard, allowing newer, more powerful 3D chips to be added later.
Very cool. Nice to see that this idea didn't die, I haven't seen any updated news since the original press release. The thing should smoke. You can check the whole article over here.

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