Nvidia + Linux = Trouble??
Posted on: 03/23/2000 05:26 PM

Slashdot ran an interesting piece about some potential problems with the road Nvidia has decided to take regarding Linux drivers for their products. It appears that Nvidia may only be releasing binary drivers for their products...
A question was raised as to whether their upcoming binary driver was based on the Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI) which PI developed and that will be part of XFree86 4.0, or, if their upcoming driver would use its own, closed source, proprietary infrastructure. If NVIDIA creates its own closed source, proprietary infrastructure, that violates that basic premise of the open source paradigm.
Here's another interesting snippit... :-)
The Microsoft model is not acceptable under Linux. If it were, we'd stick with Microsoft - they are well funded, have a huge amount of resources, and represent a smaller risk to the end user.
If you own an Nvidia based video card and are a Linux user, this should be of interest to you. You can check out the entire article here.

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