Official Live!Ware for Win2k
Posted on: 03/22/2000 03:04 PM

Billy "I love you man!" Wilson over at VoodooExtreme got the scoopage again! This time it was the release of the official Live!Ware for Windows2000. You can get the scoop (and the download) right over here.
This Live!Ware update for Windows 2000 systems is only for users who wish to install a Sound Blaster Live! series sound card on a new Windows 2000 system, or users who wish to upgrade your system to run Windows 2000.

Please read the Live!Ware for Windows 2000 FAQ for important information on this Live!Ware update before downloading and installing it.
Now I wish Aureal would get off of their lazy butts and release the Win2k drivers they have been promising (since February)!

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