Oh, the Saga continues...
Posted on: 11/25/2000 02:48 AM

I apologize for laying all this on you guys, but some of you may find it enlightening. So, today I continue in the daily ritual of calling Bell. I talk to the first lady, who's clueless. They kick me to a "technical support" person who comes right out and says "Oh, your order has been cancelled!". Stunned isn't the word. "What, on earth are you talking about?" I say. He says, "I'll have to transfer you to Bills and Accounts if you want more information". Great... so I'm talking to the third person in a 45 second span. He tells me that the Server group, has "re-evaluated" the situation, and now apparently I can't get DSL. Did I mention I'm not a patient man? At this point, the individual on the phone got quite a mouth full.

It gets better, THEN he had the audacity to ask me if I wanted to purchase dial-up access instead from Bell. Holding back the urge to laugh in his face, I tell him that I'll be signing up with a competitor for dial-up access instead. He "understood". I then verified that I wouldn't be charged a dime for this entire disgrace and ended the phone conversation and any future relations with Bell.

This is a disgusting trend. They offer a mediocre product to begin with, and their customer service isn't remotely acceptable. *sigh* Broadband... how I miss thee.

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