Okay... I promise!
Posted on: 01/14/2000 12:05 AM

This will be my last site design for a looong while. I am finally satisfied with the way it looks, so I will leave it alone :-) I will be migrating all of the other pages over to this layout over the weekend so everything will match. If something isn't displaying correctly for you, post it in the "comments" section or email me! (UPDATE: I just looked at the page in Netscape and it looks nasty! I'll try to get that fixed for you Netscapers ASAP) (UPDATE #2 : I think I got it figured out. Let me know if it looks screwy for you)

You may be asking yourself why I'm screwing around with the site's layout when there is hardware to review. Well... J.C. and I just ordered (what we think is) an awesome benchmarking suite and I'm waiting to post my reviews until it gets here. Trust me, you guys will love the benchmarks and (hopefully) the reviews.

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