Okay, so I couldn't wait :-)
Posted on: 01/08/2000 01:04 AM

I just couldn't wait any longer! I put the new features into effect a day early... Sue me! [legal disclaimer] Don't really sue me! [/legal disclaimer]

As you can see, I added a news script to our page and changed the layout a bit. What this means to us is that posting news will be allot easier. What that means to you is... More news! If it's easier for us, it's bound to happen more frequently. Since it is new, there are bound to be some anomalies. If you see any, Email me! The script also allowed us to add the "Comments" section to each post. If you have something to say, we'd like to hear it. Come on, don't be shy.

I'd also like to thank Michael and MalHavoc for helping me tweak the CGI... Well, what do you guys (and gals) think?!?

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