One P4 at a time please!
Posted on: 11/16/2000 10:13 PM

It appears as though Intel is changing their tune when it comes to "workstation" requirements. According to this article at ZDNet, Intel is pimping a single CPU P4 machine as the next evolution of the professional workstation. In the past, Intel has pushed for dual processor workstations, even going so far as to contradict Microsoft as to what Windows 2000's system requirements "really" are (two CPU's, of course :-). Fear not my friends, reports that the P4 is exclusively a single CPU option are false. Here's a clip to get your mouth watering:
But while Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) contends the chip is well-suited to handling 3-D applications regularly utilized by workstation users, computer makers will only be able to offer single-processor systems until possibly the second half of next year, when Intel will introduce a dual-chip platform.

Intel's promotion of a single-CPU workstation stands in stark contrast to the chip maker's previous promotions of dual-processor systems as the ideal workstation solution.

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