Options for your Older Motherboard
Posted on: 05/21/2000 10:11 AM

Well besides using your old motherboard for a clipboard or target practice. You might be able to breath new life into your old Duallie motherboard with a slocket adapter. I know you are going to say "Well heck man we knew that already" well how about those motherboard that cannot support the lower voltage requirements of the coppermine processors. Yes alot of the slocket adapters let you control the voltage but it can not provide a voltage that the VRM on the motherboard does not support itself.

Well I did a little digging and found not one but two slocket adapters that Do have their own VRM on the slocket adapter. The first one is from PowerLeap their new adapter called the PL-PIII the other is the SL-02D being made by Soltek. The only bad new is that they are not in production yet but they do look like a good solution.

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