osOpinion puts the smack down!
Posted on: 03/23/2000 01:42 PM

osOpinion has an interesting article posted this morning. "An OS is only as strong as the people managing it" is a pretty descriptive title for the article, and here is a descriptive quote :-)
Windows NT is not for amateurs. So many people today think that Windows NT 4 is just a more stable version of Windows 95, and that because they can tinker with Windows 95, they can tinker the same way with Windows NT and expect it to respond the same way. It looks and feels the same cosmetically to a point, but its structure is fundamentally different. In my experience, Windows NT (like any OS) treats you good as long as you take care of it properly. Most people, unfortunately, don't know what this means. 95% of all Windows NT problems can be solved in one of three ways:
Hehe... Then my favorite part!
In all, Windows NT (or 2000), like any OS, will treat you right if you treat it right. Get trained and understand the problem before you spout off on a flame board about instability or incompatibility. More often than not (as with most things), it's an ID10T error.

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