PC makers walk fine line with 'crapware'
Posted on: 04/20/2007 05:17 PM

This is a subject for that should hit close to home. As a Desktop Support Technician, I probably work on close 100+ systems in a week. Most of the time, the customer complains about their system performing slow, because they have "Too much stuff running in their system tray" or, "They need more RAM". Whatever the case may be, they all have one feature in common. They purchased a PC for $399 or less and it was bundled with an enormous amount of software that is Trial based and a very low memory capacity of 256MB (Prior to Vista launch in January). Ina Fried of News.com has posted an article about the very issue.
"It's all this trial software," Hodgman says in the spot. "They pack my hard drive full of it, all these programs that don't do very much, unless you buy the whole thing...it really slows me down."

The call volume for troubleshooting this issue is high. I wish I could just advise them to Format C:, but that's not an option. :^) Read the article here.

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