PCI Oxygen VX1 3D
Posted on: 04/07/2000 07:45 PM

Lots of stuff going on in the graphics card industry lately... 3Dlabs announced today, that they would release a PCI version of their Award-Winning workstation graphics accelerator the Oxygen VX1 3D. This badboy is going to have 32MB of RAM, and bring "virtual texturing" to PCI machines.
The Oxygen VX1-PCI includes 3Dlabs' unique Virtual Texturing technology that integrates on-board and system memory into a large hardware-managed virtual texture store that functions seamlessly over the PCI bus; bringing the benefits of fast AGP texture access and unified memory to PCI systems.
For everyone into High-end 3D work, this sounds pretty sweet. You can check out the rest of the press release here.

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