Pentium 3 vs. Celeron 2
Posted on: 04/19/2000 03:47 AM

We all assumed a Celeron 2 overclocked would perform equally with a Pentium 3 cumine (assuming the same front side bus speed) of the same clock speed. This wasn't the case. Confusion, disappointment... Well Firingsquad decided to take a closer look at the matter.
Today's Celeron has to compete against a P3 Coppermine, a chip with twice as much on-die cache. The Celeron no longer has a speed advantage to make up for its smaller cache. Too add insult to injury, the Celeron also has a higher L2 latency.
Hey, so the performance isn't quite on par with a Coppermine. You still can't beat the price/performance ratio that the Celeron 2 provides. Nothing wrong with saving some cache errr cash :-)

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