PIII Chipsets Roundup
Posted on: 04/11/2000 05:11 PM

iXBT Hardware has been hard at work benchmarking the current mobo chipsets (no GX's or i840). Lots of benchmarks and lots of graphs. The winner of the chipsets that they tested is... Read it here.
Much time has already gone since our last tests of modern IA32 chipsets. A lot has changed since then. Intel launched a couple of processors with an enhanced Coppermine core, 133MHz FSB has almost become a standard solution, Microsoft released a new operation system - Windows 2000, which is now quickly gaining popularity. All these events of the computer market made us once again turn to the problem of choosing the optimal mainboard, especially since this is a really hard choice to make today. The main problem is to choose the most optimal set of core logic, the mainboard will be based on.

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