Pixar Rides away from the Sun, into Chipzilla's arms
Posted on: 02/13/2003 07:11 PM

Tuan just dropped some linkage on me regarding a big change over at Pixar Animation Studios. According to x-bit labs, Pixar's new RenderFarm will consist of 1024 Intel Xeon processors...
The RenderFarm features 2TBs (two terabytes) of memory and 60TBs (terabytes) of disk space. Each Intel Xeon processor at 2.80GHz is about five times faster than the older RISC-based processors in Pixar's outgoing RenderFarm. Pixar is using the system for its film, "The Incredibles," scheduled for a 2004 release.
It also looks like they've opted for Linux as the operating system of choice. That's all fine and good, but does it Fold?

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