PL-S370 and SMP
Posted on: 02/07/2000 05:48 PM

FriendTech has posted a picture of their PL-S370 actually mounted on a sloket adapter with a Coppermine. Since their server is so slow, I ripped the pic for you...

The thing that really has me curious about this whole deal is this...
When used with SMP-compliant CPUs, supports SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing) on dual-Socket 370 motherboards.
Sounds great huh? Maybe not... Everyone is chomping at the bit to throw a pair of the (relatively) inexpensive PIII 500/550E's in their BP6 and have at it. The thing we have to remember though is that the "E" series Coppermines do not support SMP (at least according to Intel), but then again, neither do the Celerons ;-) So don't run out and buy those adapters and CPU's just yet, it may pay to take the "wait and see" approach.

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